For Every Arched Window, There’s an Arched Window Shutter in San Jose

Our skilled installers custom make arch shutters in San Jose to perfectly fit your home’s charming arched windows. Whether your windows are a quarter circle of half-moon-shaped, we measure everything meticulously and – with the assistance of cutting-edge computer software and over three decades of building shutters – create gorgeous arched plantation shutters that are beautiful and, at the same time, functional.

Louvered Arch Window Shutters

Arched Shutters In A San Jose Bathroom

Louvered arch shutters are a beautiful and functional way to dress up your arched windows and still have ultimate privacy and light control. Employing computer-aided design, each louvered arch panel is handcrafted to accurate measurements and custom built to mirror your window’s curve. This allows the louvers to stay horizontal into the arch area and be completely operational.

Our specialty-shaped shutters in San Jose were built so you can adjust the louvers with the tilt rod. To manipulate all the light you let in, simply tilt the tilt rod, and the louvers will move seamlessly together. Not to mention, since the panels are hinged, they swing out to make window cleaning easy.

 Sunburst Arch Window Shutters

Sunburst Arch Window Shutters In A San Jose Living Room

Our versatile plantation shutters can be constructed to work with any half circle window in your home – even if it isn’t a perfect arch. With the louvers tilted open, the louvers’ shape resembles the sun’s glowing rays. That’s why we called these beautiful shutters “Sunburst Arch Shutters.”

We use a combination of cutting-edge software and extensive experience to fit our shutters to the shape of your windows. Each element of the Sunburst Arch is hand-crafted to give your windows the perfect crowning touch.

Are the Louvers of Sunburst Arches Movable?

Sunburst Arches are expected to be an ornamental window covering for your arched windows. We start by measuring the height of your window at multiple points and mark the angles in the arch. This lets us design and install louvers that are a seamless fit – and can adjust with the light.

The louvers can be positioned one by one so you can regulate the how much light comes in. This also helps you clean the louvers effortlessly. Ovation® wood shutters can be built with hinges on the bottom so the whole shutter will fold down when it’s time to clean it.

Built for perfect and non-perfect half circles, quarter circles, half moons, and eyebrow arches specialty-shaped Polywood® or Ovation shutters uphold the architectural feel of your arched windows in San Jose.

Arch configurations are currently only available for Polywood and Ovation wood shutters. 

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