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What's The Right Window Treatment For Casement Windows In San Jose?

February 01, 2023

Many homeowners appreciate casement windows because of their classic European style and ability to open completely for unsurpassed airflow. These windows are known for being hinged on a single side and move in or out when they are opened or shut. They are also usually not as large as a usual window.  They are functional and attractive, but it can be difficult to locate the appropriate window treatment for a casement window in San Jose.

The good news is this: there are possibilities that will perform admirably for your interior. By installing a plantation shutter or window shade, you can maintain the distinctiveness of your casement window and still enjoy privacy and light control.

What To Consider When Selecting Casement Window Treatments In San Jose

Two casement windows covered by plantation shutters in bathroom.

You don’t want to restrict the usability or allure of your windows by picking an improper product. To discover the best casement window treatments, keep the following in mind:

  • Window operation: How do your windows open and close? Do they feature a crank, lever, or handle? The proper window treatment will provide easy access to this mechanism and allow the window to open and close with ease.
  • Window depth: Not every casement is identical, and you’ll have different depths between the window pane and the wall. Some kinds of window treatments may not work for the area.
  • Coverage and light management: You seek comprehensive window coverage but should also utilize the full sunshine and airflow that casement windows provide. Choose something versatile that opens easily but won’t sway in the wind while still attaining your sought-after level of brightness management.

Preferred Window Treatments For Casement Windows

Due to the fact that casement windows can vary greatly with different hinge positions, opening mechanisms, and window depths, it’s typically most beneficial to get an at-home consultation for custom window treatments to decide on your ideal solution. Taking that into account, there are some suitable window treatments for casement windows in San Jose. Here are two fantastic possibilities. 

Plantation Shutters For Casement Windows

Three casement windows covered by custom plantation shutters.

You frankly won’t find a better option than plantation shutters for casement windows in San Jose. They make sense regardless of whether your window is hinged at the side, bottom, or top. Plantation shutters can even be adapted to accommodate any operating mechanism.

Installation is also adaptable since you are able to put them within your window jamb or on top of the frame. Due to the fact that louvered shutters are sturdy, long-term additions, you won’t have to be concerned with hanging fabric swaying in the wind or knocking against the frame or window. And you may select between white Polywood® or painted or stained wood shutters to coordinate with your home’s design. 

Plantation shutters also give you a whole new world of privacy and light management. Would you like to have fresh air flowing but with reduced levels of light? No problem! Just open your casement window, keep the panels of the louvered shutter closed, and then rotate the louvers to allow fresh air and your preferred amount of illumination. You’ll only get this sort of control with plantation shutters for casement windows.

Cover Your Casement Windows With Cellular Shades

Blue chest of drawers inform of a casement window covered by neutral colored cellular shades

Cellular shades are another fantastic window treatment option for casement windows. They come in a wide range of colors and styles, making it easy to discover one that matches the design of any room. A cellular shade also stays in place wherever you place the lift bar, preventing the frustration of your window treatment getting in the way of the opening device.

Cellular shades also help save energy. The honeycomb-like compartments of the shade capture air, decreasing heat loss and offering insulation to your casement window. This helps manage the temperature in the space, keeping it comfortable throughout the year and lowering heating or cooling costs.

Order Window Treatments For Casement Windows In San Jose

Get the right window treatment for your casement windows by consulting with the specialists at Sunburst Shutters San Jose. We have plantation shutters, shades, blinds and other products for you to pick from. Call  916-542-1305 to request your free, in-home consultation, and we’ll let you see how our products look on your windows.