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Ways To Winterize Windows In San Jose

October 30, 2017

If your home feels like a freezer in the winter, your windows could be the reason. Glass panes and the cracks around window frames can let heat leave your house and invite in freezing outside air. Then you’re sure to see your energy expenses rise. That’s why you need to winterize windows in San Jose. And while you’ll find lots of tips and products for short-term insulation, using more long-term resolutions such as energy-efficient windows or insulating window treatments will give you the results you want.

Use Weatherstripping To Block Drafts

Sometimes normal maintenance can help winterize your windows in San Jose. Before wintery weather comes, clean your windows thoroughly and look for cracked, loose, or warped parts that may let in drafts. Especially search for failing caulk and seals. You can easily fix these with new caulk to insulate windows before winter begins.

Windows can also get a lot of gaps between them and their frames, especially as your home settles and things get out of alignment. Then during winter, warm inside air leaks through those cracks, and cold air seeps in. You can use weatherstripping to fill in the spaces and keep in warm air. You’ll find gaskets, foam strips, or rubber tubing for insulation at your favorite home improvement store. Some solutions don’t always look attractive, but they give you a quick and easy way to winterize windows in San Jose.

Invest In Energy-efficient Window Treatments For Winter In San Jose

White Polywood shutters within an office 

A more beautiful way to keep out window drafts is energy-efficient window treatments. The correct window treatments make San Jose homes cozier despite cold weather. Polywood® interior shutters are the most energy-efficient window treatments on the market, and they look elegant too! Polywood shutters are extruded from a sturdy faux wood material with an automotive-type white paint finish that goes with every type of home decor. Most importantly, they come with a patented insulation system.

The patented weatherstripping on Polywood shutters stops almost all drafts when you close the shutters. In fact, your closed Polywood shutters can prevent up to 30 degrees of temperature transfer from your windows. This energy efficiency means major energy cost savings over the years. And because they’re resistant to extreme temperatures and moisture, it’s safe to install Polywood shutters in any window to block the cold, like humid bathroom windows or chilly attic windows, to maximize your savings.

Replace Outdated Windows With More Energy-efficient Options

Large Polywood shutter windows above a white couch inside a living room.

If drafty windows annoy you all winter, you might need new windows. Updating old windows with newer energy-efficient ones can help your home feel warmer and reduce your energy charges long-term. To block out cold drafts, ask for double- or triple-pane windows with insulating gas inside the panes. And you’ll feel confident that your new windows are energy-efficient if they come with the blue ENERGY STAR label.

Needless to say, even with new windows, Polywood insulating interior shutters can still make a difference. Polywood shutters add great insulation to windows and will stop heat loss that naturally flows through glass. And you can still use them for privacy, light control, and beauty for for a lifetime.

We Can Help You Get Window Treatments For Winter In San Jose

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