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Corner of a cozy nursery with a baby and a mom. White Polywood shutters in the corner window.

The Best Nursery Window Treatment Ideas In San Jose

September 22, 2022

If you’re expecting a child in San Jose, your goal is to get every detail of your bundle of joy’s nursery perfect -- and that includes the window treatments. But in advance of selecting the right window treatment, keep in mind that versatility and safety are important. Babies are able to bring down drapery or get caught in corded blinds. These options aren’t able to block exterior light and drafts for optimal sleeping conditions either. As an alternative, use safe, energy-efficient interior shutters or cellular window shades as window treatments for your nursery in San Jose.

Plantation Shutters Keep Your Nursery Safe, Cozy, And Stylish

White Polywood shutters in a large nursery bedroom.

Plantation shutters might not be at the top of your list of nursery window treatment ideas in San Jose, but they should be! These time-tested window treatments look amazing in every area. Their sturdy panels provide an appealing complement to the softer furnishings usually associated with a baby nursery. You could install white faux wood Polywood® shutters in spaces with vivid or lighter-toned color choices. Wood-stained shutters could work better if your nursery has more natural pieces or you wish to coordinate with the present wood trim. And whenever you update the style as your loved one gets older, your shutters will continue to work well with the area’s altered feel.

Plantation shutters feature a unique layout that makes them ideal for kids’ spaces. Instead of installing curtains or corded options for a loved one to grasp on or get ensnared by, interior shutters feature rigid panels with rows of louvers set in a frame that surrounds the window. They even wipe off easily when they inevitably get smudges from small fingers.

Shutter louvers and panels provider a few different ways for directing exterior light and privacy in your baby’s room too. Swing back the panels for a sunny play area or close the panels and tilt the slats up to welcome some sunshine and redirect it off the place where your little one spends time. Then shut the panels and louvers to block nearly all sunlight for bedtime and naps.

Secured plantation shutters stop drafts as well. Air won’t go through solid wood and faux wood like it can through fabric window treatments. And premium Ovation® and Polywood shutters use first-rate workmanship to diminish spaces where air might get past. Polywood shutters also feature weatherstripping that makes them the most energy-smart nursery window treatments in San Jose and makes certain your nursery remains cozy for a pleasant rest.

Cellular Shades Lend Added Efficiency and Versatility To Nursery Windows

Blackout gray cellular shades in two windows. Displayed inside a baby room. 
In the event you would like a softer texture for your nursery window treatments, consider cellular shades. These window shades come in many different materials, colors, and patterns for you to pick from. You’ll also come across different types including top-down/bottom-up shades that offer extra flexibility with sunshine and privacy or non-corded shades that a child isn’t able to get ensnared in.

The greatest advantage of cellular shades is their superior efficiency. Their unique design features compact honeycomb-like cells that trap air coming through your windows before it invades the nursery. They help keep the room at a comfortable temperature and energy costs down.

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