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Dormer window with white Polywood shutters in a small and pink-styled attic room.

How To Choose Window Treatments For Dormer Windows In San Jose?

October 27, 2022

Dormer windows are a distinctive feature of your house. They add an appealing touch and also bring sunlight into the upper reaches of your house. Numerous dormers are connected to a loft or even a guest room. Others may simply connect to a seldom used storage area. Picking the proper window treatments for dormer windows depends largely on how you use the area.

Although the decision is completely yours, you ought to give thought to plantation shutters and roller shades for the following reasons.

Louvered Shutters Are A Perfect Option for Dormers

Dormer window with white Polywood shutters. Inside an attic room. 

Do your dormer windows attach to open storage? Are you thinking about overhauling the area into a home office or study area? Whatever the case may be, Polywood® interior shutters make an outstanding option for dormer windows. Reflect on these benefits:
  • Polywood materials deliver excellent efficiency due to an exclusive weather-sealing technology that makes a tight seal along the border. In a normally weather-impacted space, you will appreciate the steadier comfort levels and the lower energy bills.
  • Interior shutters are completely customizable to all kinds of shapes and sizes. Dormer windows will differ greatly. Although numerous types are a normal square or rectangular opening, numerous are arches, circular, or have sharp slants.
  • If you are looking for optimal management over natural light, louvered shutters are a superior selection. You can open the panels totally for a flood of sunshine or shift the louvers to find the right degree of privacy and illumination.
  • A distinctive style of window deserves an equally attractive window covering. The timeless white of Polywood shutters blends perfectly with any architectural style and decor. A plantation shutter looks nice both on the inside and from the outdoor areas around your home.

Plantation shutters are sensible for many reasons but you have additional choices to think about.

Use Roller Shades For Dormer Windows in San Jose

brown print of roller shade on a small window
Stylish and flexible, Roller shades are great window treatments for dormer windows. They come in numerous patterns, colors, and fabric. They can be used to accommodate any type of interior design or color scheme. When your dormer sheds light into a bedroom, you’ll probably need to consider a light-blocking roller shade to let you sleep.

In some cases, the space facing the dormer might be just right for a piece of furniture like a dresser. Taking that into consideration, a thin shade or compact shutter will work well. If you want to add a little extra operability, pick a roller shade with helpful, hands-free motorized option.

Find The Ideal Window Treatment For Your Dormer Window In San Jose

Control the sunlight in your converted study or add a new level of efficiency to your home’s upper reaches with the best window treatments for your dormer windows in San Jose. At Sunburst Shutters San Jose, we have ideal products for every type of window in your residence. Reach out today at 916-542-1305 or complete the following form to request your free in-home meeting.