The First Choice for Dublin Plantation Shutters

For years, homeowners all across Dublin and beyond have used plantation shutters to decorate their windows. It’s easy to see why–plantation shutters offer all the things someone could want in a window treatment.

And for years, residents of Dublin have turned to Sunburst Shutters to install the highest quality indoor shutters and other window treatments in their spaces. Likewise, it’s easy to see why. Sunburst Shutters San Jose has helped revitalize hundreds Dublin homes, providing the latest fashions, quality craftsmanship, and award-winning shutters with the ease of shopping from home.

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Why Dublin Houses Need Interior Shutters

With so many homes in Dublin installing interior shutters, there has to be a reason for it, right? Technically, there’s a lot of reasons to pick interior shutters for your space. Here’s why most people are choosing them:

  • Shutters are resilient. Relative to other window treatments, shutters last, survive, and thrive. Where a store-bought set of blinds or designer drapes may fray, distort or wash out in the span of a few years, shutters stand the test of time. With sturdy construction coupled with durable material, shutters can remain a lasting piece of your home for as long as you want.

  • Shutters help control temperature. Sure, shades and blinds might block some sunlight, but how good are they at managing the heat levels indoors? Unless you plan to shell out for extra window insulation, thermal energy will still pass through your windows without trouble. High-quality interior shutters can halve that energy movement.

  • Shutters are stunning. No other window treatment can match the enduring quality, sophistication, flexibility, and eye-catching appeal of interior shutters.

Polywood - Dublin’s Faux Wood Shutter of Choice

Don’t get confused by that description. Polywood® plantation shutters are more than just Dublin’s favorite faux wood shutters, they’re far beyond any comparable faux wood shutters on the market.

Polywood shutters shine at everything that make Dublin homeowners buy shutters. Their solid white or real wood finish offer timeless beauty to your home. Polywood will never chip, warp, or crack, and is 100% water-resistant and fireproof, making them the most durable shutter available. And no window treatment can even come close to rivaling Polywood shutters’ energy efficiency which can block close to 50% of the energy movement through your window.

Add to that, Polywood plantation shutters are completely made in America, and come standard with one the best shutter warranties homeowners can get. And if you’re interested in a more budget-friendly shutter for smaller windows in Dublin, look into Sunburst’s builder-grade Studio Shutters.

Gorgeous Wood Shutters In Dublin

Bring the look of hardwood shutters into your house with Sunburst’s Ovation® Wood Shutters. Ovation Wood Shutters are a popular wood shutter in Dublin because of their stunning, solid furniture-grade teak wood. Wood shutters bring a rich depth to the window with their grain, knots, and texture. And since Ovation Shutters are customizable with over 28 colors, you’re easily able to get the best one for your interior design.

If you’re looking for an even more natural look, think about our reclaimed wood shutters available in Dublin, California. Every shutter is built with reclaimed lumber from around the country and has its own unique story. Whether the wood is sourced from an old fence, shed, or another house, it comes with its unique characteristics that create a unique piece of art in your house.

It’s Simple To Get Custom Shutters In Dublin

Purchasing the ideal shutters for your windows may seem a bit daunting. But with Sunburst, the process for purchasing and installing custom shutters in Dublin is simple. Here’s how we make it work:

  1. You call 916-542-1305 or complete the form below to set up a free in-home consultation with a member of our design team.

  2. During the in-home consultation a Sunburst shutter pro measures the windows in your home. They’ll also take time with you to look at all your custom shutter options, and offer tips for what would work with your unique needs as well as your budget.

  3. After walking through all the options, pick the window treatments you want and place your order.

  4. After a short time, a member of our install team comes to your house to put in your new shutters and demonstrate how to care for them.

After it’s through, you’ll have expert custom shutters in your space without having to measure or install them yourself. It’s that easy to get personalized, custom shutters in Dublin.

A Variety of Shades and Blinds In Dublin

If you need a window treatment aside from shutters for your windows, we can help with that, too! We have an assortment of blinds, shades, and other window treatments for you to pick from.


Polywood Blinds In Dublin

Our premier Polywood blinds combine the low maintenance of blinds with the resilience and simple elegance of our Polywood line. Pick from either natural wood blinds made from basswood or faux wood sets.

Shades In Dublin

The shades we offer come in an array of styles and textures to fit any room in your home. Pick from roller shades, patterned shades, cellular shades, and more to get the look you’ve been dreaming of for your home.

If you need more ideas, tour our Home Idea Gallery which is filled with photos of our shades, blinds, shutters, and other window treatments available in Dublin.

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There’s no reason to wait to get new shutters in your home. By partnering with Sunburst Shutters for your window treatments in Dublin, you’re going to get the finest in customer service and stunning, acclaimed window treatments.

So call Sunburst Shutters San Jose today at 916-542-1305 or use the form below to set up your free window design consultation. We’re ready to help homeowners in Dublin and nearby areas pick the best shutters and window coverings for their unique style and budget. So don’t wait. Let’s talk!