R-Values of Shutters: Compare Energy Efficiency of Window Coverings

Curtis Orton

We make a big deal about energy efficiency in window treatments. But that’s because we have the hard data to back us up. With the help of some outside research, we’ve been able to directly compare the energy efficiency of the most often-chosen window coverings in San Jose, from shades to drapes to shutters.

What Is R-Value And Why Does It Matter For Window Coverings?

Everything in your home that contributes to insulation, from the walls to your window coverings, has an R-value. That value lets you know how effective it is at blocking heat from moving through it. A larger r-value indicates a more effective insulator.

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Why does the R-value of a window covering make any difference? Simply put, a more effective insulator lets you keep your house at your preferred temperature. No matter if you want to keep the heat inside at wintertime or keep your home cool during the summer months, great insulation is a requirement. That’s even more important for your windows, because they’re a big reason for energy loss in your home.

Window Treatment R-value Comparison Chart

Not every window treatment offers the same benefits, at least not when it comes to energy efficiency. Though there can be some variation based on the material and construction between different manufacturers and makes, below is what you’re likely to find when comparing window treatments.

Type of Window Covering

Average R-Value

Window alone


Mini blinds






Wood Shutters


Honeycomb shades


Polywood plantation shutters


R-values from HouseLogic & Energy.gov.

A quick look at the chart shows you a few things. Perhaps the first thing you notice is the fact that a few certain window treatments offer almost no benefit at all (we’re talking about you, blinds), whereas others are energy-efficient beasts. That big gap in R-value might mean a difference of several degrees – enough to make an impact in whether or not you turn on your air conditioning.

Something else you might notice is that what the window treatment is made out of can have a big impact. Honeycomb shades, designed with multiple engineered layers designed to block heat, can block energy flow much more effectively than pleated shades.

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The same way, Polywood® plantation shutters, made from a solid-body faux wood compound, can block heat a lot more effectively than natural wood shutters. Natural wood can be porous, with random gaps and holes that allow heat to move easily. Polywood shutters, outfitted with custom weatherstripping, build a solid seal on your window when closed, which is the reason for their best in class r-value of 6 or more.

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