Best Window Treatments for Children's Spaces in San Jose

Curtis Orton

On our design blog we’ve talked about how to choose the best bedroom window treatments in San Jose, depending on the individual needs of your space. One bedroom may have the most important needs of any kind: kids’ rooms. Though childrens’ bedrooms share many similar needs with other bedrooms, they carry additional specific needs as well. So let’s examine some of the most important qualities to look for when selecting window treatments for the children in your family.

Window Treatment Safety for Kids’ Rooms

Childproofing a house is something that all parents should be familiar with - and window treatments are no exception. Depending on the age of your children, certain window treatments are a explicit no-no. For very young children, any window treatment that has a dangling cord that might injure or strangle a child is ill-advised - which means you can rule out corded drapes, blinds, or shades. Regardless of cords, young ones can be climbers, so disregard any window covering that might be easily yanked off the window. Finally, be sure to stay away from any window covering with a paint or seal that might emit noxious fumes.

As an alternative to any of the above mentioned window coverings, choose a product with a smaller number of moving pieces and sans any sort of wires or cords. Plantation shutters meet all the requirements for a childproof window covering, as do cordless cellular shades. Our Polywood® and Ovation® shutters have finishes that don’t emit any fumes. Each of these window coverings avoid any unnecessary risk to your children’s well-being.

Window Treatments That Maintain Privacy for Kids’ Rooms

Kid's bedroom with white shutters.

The first consideration we highlighted in talking about bedroom window treatments was privacy, which is even more important when thinking about the windows in a child’s room. Blinds, no matter if they are traditional or vertical, can typically be seen through at some angles, making them less than ideal. Many drapes and shades, though giving greater coverage compared to blinds, can show shadows visible from outside your home.

When you need to ensure your child’s room has the privacy it needs, plantation shutters are our first suggestion. By closing the moveable louvers, plantation shutters let you eliminate all visibility into your child’s room. Some types of shades and drapes can also be bought in blackout options, removing most outside visibility with their heavier makeup.

Window Treatments For A Cozier Kids’ Room

Mom and daughter reading on bed with shuttered windows.
Talk to any San Jose parent and you’ll hear that children are stubborn sleepers. Some nights it can be easy to get them to sleep, while other nights it may be a fight. Some people understand that the right lighting is handy in getting kids to sleep, but what some might not know is that the bedroom’s temperature comfort level might also factor heavily in which of those two ways it turns out. The perfect window treatment can give you optimal control of the temperature and light of your children’s bedroom.

Polywood plantation shutters are the cream of the crop in energy efficient window coverings. Properly maintained, they can lower heat transfer through your window by up to 45%, and are nearly 1600% more effective at insulating than metal blinds. For an added boost, pair with UV-protecting window film, which can repel close to 87% of heat from the sun. Reaping the benefits of these products can make it easier to get the kids better rested, meaning you may get more rest for once.

Get The Best Kids Room Window Treatment Today

While you’d like for your window treatments to be fashionable, there are some qualities that might be more important in children’s bedrooms. Fortunately, Sunburst Shutters San Jose is ready to fulfill both of those wants. Call 916-542-1305 or use the form below to schedule your free in-home consultation. And to get additional ideas for the rest of your home, be sure to check out our Ultimate Room Window Treatment Guide.